K.W.O.E. Foundation


The mission of the K.W.O.E. Foundation is to initiate change in underserved communities by leading the path for today’s youth by promoting ownership of their actions, reject violence, and make wise life decisions. 

K.W.O.E Foundation

Kareem “K.W.O.E.” Wells has been involved in a myriad of projects promoting peace & unity, seeking to help kids reject violence throughout Chicago. Through his fundraising efforts, motivational speaking as well as through his musical talents as an artist, K.W.O.E. spreads his message of hope to middle schoolers in urban neighborhoods that will inspire them to change their lives for the better. Through the K.W.O.E. Theory of Change the Foundation curates resources, teaches life skills and generates opportunities.

Kareem is on a mission to change the trajectory of young people’s lives, by helping them define their choices during a particularly influential age.  The K.W.O.E. Foundation provides opportunities for all children to develop skills needed to make positive choices, live a life with inner confidence and outer kindness. 

K.W.O.E Foundation No More Violence Campaign

“Through my music and public appearances, I encourage young people to end the cycle of violence plaguing Chicago neighborhoods. When I speak to the kids I use my music and life experiences to inspire others to make the right decisions and overcome any challenges that the world may offer.”

– Kareem “K.W.O.E” Wells


"K.W.O.E and his message resonate deeply with the young people in our Safe Cities program. These young people have never before met someone who looks like them and speaks their language but lives downtown and is a successful, legitimate businessman. Because of this, K.W.O.E. can hold their attention in a unique, profound way. When the kids hear K.W.O.E.’s personal story, they think, “I can make it out too.” K.W.O.E. inspires them to break the cycle of violence by following in his footsteps. K.W.O.E.’s message challenges these young people to see the big picture: their choices are not just about a summer job; they are about their lives and decisions each day. We are grateful to have K.W.O.E. speak with our kids and help them move forward positively."

Cheryl Phillips Executive Director, Safe Cities Inc.